How much do conservatories cost?

How much do conservatories cost?

You've just moved into your dream house, you've set a little aside from the deposit, and are already thinking of extending your property with a stunning new conservatory. How much is it going to leave you out of pocket?

The first thing you'll need to ask yourself is exactly WHAT the purpose of the conservatory is. Will it be a place to keep your prized plants and flowers, with little time spent in there? Or will it be an extra room for your family to chill out in on long summer evenings?

Plants and Flowers

If you've got green fingers and want to build that swanky new conservatory to house your precious plants and flowers, then you can keep the cost to an absolute minimum.

With a budget of less than £2,000 you can get a new aluminium conservatory/greenhouse to store your plants and help them grow. Kent Blaxill can deliver you the Vitavia Helena Aluminium Greenhouse/Conservatory for just £1,600. It's an attractive (both in a budgetary and visual way) alternative to a brick conservatory, and certainly keeps down the cost.

Kent Blaxill Aluminium Conservatory
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Basic Living and Relaxing

Let's be fair - there's nothing quite like chilling out on a summer evening watching the sun go down in your lovely new conservatory.

As soon as you start to consider the length of time you'll be spending in your conservatory you'll realise that you will need something a little more sturdy, comfortable and homely than a budget conservatory for your potted plants.

However, you don't need to burst the bank to get something more suitable for living. For just £2,199.99 Argos can supply a traditional full height small lean-to conservatory. It's built using low-maintenance white PVCu, and a BBA Approved roof sheet system. It's great value for money and you'll have to build it yourself (some have said that the instructions are poor). It's available at Argos now.

Argos Full Height Lean-To Conservatory
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The next stage up is a conservatory with a base and brick wall, which is much more pleasing to the eye, and in many cases more comfortable.

You probably didn't know that Screwfix sell conservatories, but they do - and at great prices. For a penny under £3,000 this Edwardian Double-Glazed Conservatory not only looks good, but it comes with a range of fantastic features and specifications, including French doors, multi-point locking system and polycarbonate roof.

Screwfix Edwardian Conservatory
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Luxury Living & Comfort

Suffice to say, there is no upper limit to the amount you'll pay for the height of luxury. It's certainly not unreasonable for a mid-range conservatory to cost in excess of £10k, £15k, £20k and upwards.

Prices will vary massively depending on what features you want, the materials used and any extras that you might want to fit (such as a glass window instead of a uPVC panel).

We don't have a price available on the fantastic conservatory below, but guess that it would cost in excess of 30-40k. Still, one can dream!

Conservatory Designs
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