How do I dispose of my old conservatory?

How do I dispose of my old conservatory?

So, the time has come when you want to get rid of your old conservatory and buy a new one. Perhaps it's too small, or beyond repair, or you're just feeling a little flush and want to splash out on a fancy new conservatory.

What do you do with your old one? Dismantle it and send it to the skip, or sell it and make a little bit of cash back?

The good news is that you can easily sell it second-hand. There's a vibrant market for second hand conservatories and you should be able to get some money back if it's still in a reasonable condition.

Consider creating an advert in your local paper under the classified ads section, or put it on a website that specialises in second hand products, such as Gumtree or CraigsList.

Putting it on a classified ads website or newspaper costs just a few pounds, and you can ask the buyer to come and dismantle it themselves if you can't do it. Always insist on the full payment when they come to collect it.

Happy selling, and good luck with your conservatory disposal.

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